Pink Robot is a web design, custom software development, and mobile app development agency based in Ottawa, Ontario.

We have a dedicated and diverse team of creatives and developers, who take pride in our vast digital knowledge and strong problem solving skills. We strive to deliver the highest quality of work possible, to ensure your business’ success.

Our Team

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PrincessDesigner & Dev

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TrinhAccount Manager

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RobertMarketing Advisor

Team member photo Senior Developer

EderlynSenior Dev

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NataliaSoftware Dev

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GraceSenior Dev

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ElOps Manager

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Why Work With Us?

Fast Turnaround

We’re here to make sure your project launches on time. We have a strong team with the capacity to work efficiently, strategically, and in an organized manner. So your project launches when you want it to.

Save Time & Money

We cut out long processes and project management overhead. We respect your time and budget by curating a plan that you can afford and deliver on it. We want you to be proud of what you put out into the business world, without breaking the bank.

Reliable Quality Service

Not only do we work coherently, we strive to provide the finest experience and highest quality product to you and your clients. We are exceptionally reliable, proactive, and attentive when delivering our work.

Common Goals

Any partnership, no matter how large or small, functions best when there is a common goal. We’ll work with you to clearly define your objectives and deliver the results together.

Power-up Strengths

Teams can use strategic alliances to bring their greatest skills and strengths forward. Every person and company has its own set of strengths, so tailoring our partnership approach to leverage those assets will allow us to succeed.

Continuous Support

We are here to support you no matter what, whether it’s 24/7 or on standby. We will act as an extension of your team and assist with any questions, concerns, or needs you may have during your time with us.

Empowering others to create the next big thing

Our team is dedicated to empowering businesses and entrepreneurs to create the next big thing. As creatives ourselves, we want people to have the confidence to be themselves, think outside the box, and see their ideas come to life. We want to foster innovation and create a presence and place for everyone in the digital space.

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Our mission image

Join our mission

Join our mission to foster creativity, innovation, and access in the digital world, by becoming a client, partner, or team member at Pink Robot. We’d love to connect no matter your interest.

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What our
clients are saying

Help us improve our productivity.

Princess and her team at Pink Robot have been an absolute dream to partner with. They are attentive, asking relevant questions from the onset of a project. They are keen to do the work, always meeting deadlines and providing updates along the way. The Pink Robot team is incredibly skilled and educated in the realm of web and software development to the extent that I am never concerned that either myself or our client has ideas or ambitions that are too great to achieve. Pink Robot’s team is essential to our design studio in providing our clients with custom websites that exceed all dreams and expectations. They are a gem of a team, and we are lucky to know them.

Milena Hrebacka

New Breed Design Inc.

I’m so relieved… you have no idea…

Thank you again for ALL your help and hard work on the launch. Thank you for connecting with Gridway late into the evening and for being there for us when little issues came up. We haven’t announced the launch yet, as we wanted to check out the site now that it’s live, however, some of our staff noticed already and they think the site looks amazing. We also received a comment from a customer this morning that the search function on the site works wonderfully.

Sussex Research Laboratories Inc.

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