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Posted on: July 18, 2023

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"An absolute dream to partner with."

Princess and her team at Pink Robot have been an absolute dream to partner with. The Pink Robot team is incredibly skilled and educated in the realm of web and software development to the extent that I am never concerned that either myself or our client has ideas or ambitions that are too great to achieve. Pink Robot's team is essential to our design studio in providing our clients with custom websites that exceed all dreams and expectations.

Milena Hrebacka

New Breed Design Inc.

"We were very pleased"

We were very pleased with all the support you provided us in 2021.
We look forward to resuming our collaboration Princess.

Ben Rowswell

The Canadian International Council

"I’m so relieved… you have no idea…"

Thank you again for ALL your help and hard work on the launch. We haven’t announced the launch yet, as we wanted to check out the site now that it’s live, however, some of our staff noticed already and they think the site looks amazing. We also received a comment from a customer this morning that the search function on the site works wonderfully.

Sussex Research Laboratories Inc.