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Recent projects


GGFL is an established accounting firm in Ottawa, known for providing comprehensive and customized financial services.

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Invert World

Invert operates in the environmental services and climate action industry. They specialize in developing and financing projects that reduce atmospheric carbon, providing tools for climate action, and offering services related to carbon credits and carbon-neutral events.

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Kruzee is transforming the way Canadians learn to drive. They are at the forefront of a major shift in driver’s education: to replace outdated, traditional teaching methods with a modern, digital-first approach that resonates with today’s learners.

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Protak Group

Protak Consulting Group Inc. (PCG) has been providing management, business and technology consulting professional services on a wide range of business lines to public and private sector clients since 2002.

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Psychedelics Today

Psychedelics Today stands as the forefront leader in psychedelic media, storytelling, events, and education on a global scale. Serving as a central hub for individuals, practitioners, and professionals exploring the diverse facets of psychedelics, the website provides a wealth of resources, articles, and community forums.

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Revivify Painting

Revivify Painting is a painting company in Ottawa. With their skilled team of painters, they transform spaces with precision, delivering outstanding results for both residential and commercial projects.

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You have the freedom to submit as many project requests as you need within the scope of our service, one at a time. Whether it’s revisions, updates, or entirely new projects, simply submit your requests through our designated communication platform.

If you find yourself unable to utilize all of the hours allotted to you each month, we can move it over to the next month. We can only move it over twice per year. It’s important to adapt and adjust your schedule as needed to make the most of your time and resources.

We facilitate communication through our own project management portal or you can email or book a meeting to discuss.

Project delivery times vary depending on the complexity and scope of each task. We strive to maintain efficient turnaround times while upholding quality standards. Upon receiving your request, we’ll provide you with an estimated timeline for completion, and our team will work diligently to meet or exceed that timeframe. Usually around 16-48 hours.

Unforeseen urgent requests received during business hours are handled in a timely response manner (1-8 hours).